Thursday, 6 June 2013

What goes around just keeps going!

Hello humanoids! Prepare to be amazed!

Now normally, I don't get involved in random movie critics' dribblings but I am glad that I managed to get in to see Iron Man 3 and love and laugh and become immersed- gripping onto my partners arm for dear life! It was mind boggling, funny, witty, snappy, trippy, funky, harrowing at one or two times, but I loved it and... want to see it again! Extortionate prices are cinema tickets these days, I know, but Iron Man 3 is so very worth it! 

Now onto more interesting things. Had a nice chat with my publishers and they want the book, Loving In Time, out within the next month or two. Sounds class, but not sure if it's quite there just yet. I know that it will be out soon enough but there are things that need to be finished first. Well I have the cover, and I have a sporty picture of me, somewhere on the back of the book, so all I need now is the manuscript polished beyond reason and I have my awesome Canadian friend doing that for me. I shall wait until she has finished with it. After all, she's doing her PhD in English and I could not be more proud of her! 

One more thing to mention, Kingdom of Fantasy is finally out! If you have an iPad, check out here for the itunes down link. It's £2.99 a pop or $4.99 for those over the pond! Check out my column and read the beautifully created comics of Rouke and the Enchantment Agency!

One other thing :) Now that I am back on Wattpad, I'm nearly finished with one of my stories. Love Is Green. The title sounds weird, like some jealous love triangle, but it's far from it. It's about a detective who's turned into a parrot... I shall say no more than that. Click here to be taken directly to the first chapter.

Over the past month or so, it's been good and bad. My 97 year old Grandma, Sarah, passed away, I was given a permanent job (and in this climate it's rare), I was taken ill for over a week and so my job has been put back, and I now find myself feeling stuck with nothing to do. Huff and puff! The only thing that keeps me sane is reading and writing and getting annoyingly involved in Neopets <don't ask LONG story. But yes, so let's see what happens next month, shall we? Whatever happens, what goes around, just keeps going...It is what it is. 

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