Friday, 8 July 2011

Hmm, where to start...?

Hello to all who shall be reading this drivel! Not that I like talking about myself, I think I'd find it fundamentally boring if I continued talking about myself when really people full on see what the hell I've said in my facebook, and recently just...not nice. So! Here is where my mumblings and random imblings will begin.

First mumbling, the weather. Now I know, because I am English, we always talk about the weather and yes Ok, it's true we do, but do you know why? It's unpredictable! I kid you not, our MET office is crap! Up and down the country people get various weather happenings, boiling hot, snowy, freezing cold rain- though down here in Devon, we usually get nice weather and for the 3rd year in a row, we've had another crap summer. I think I can safely say that we had our summer in April and it lasted 2 weeks. Though I didn't see those two weeks as I was working, but I saw loads of burnt people- so it's a good assumption to say it was hot.

Second mumbling. I was told, just 3 days ago, that the playing field near where I live would be subjected to a music festival for 2 days. Today is the first day and currently they have erected a bouncy castle which is right in front of my window- making me and my pj's subject to ridicule from children and childish drunken adults, staring at me while I write... Not to mention, the music is just terrible...It's meant to last until midnight tonight...I'd have smothered myself by then.

Third mumbling. I came across something the other day that annoyed me so much, I ended up having a "shouting" match at this girl about how silly her notion was. Suffice to say I think she hates me, but I have been banging my head against a brick wall with people like her, so I shall shout this right now..


Seriously, are people really that stupid to think that they are real? When I was young I always knew the difference between what was real and what wasn't. I could clearly comprehend the fantasy side of life by the time I was ten when I found out that Father Christmas didn't exist. Yes it completely killed all belief in me, yet I still retained a happy medium that some beliefs are meant to be told, so that children could live a more friendly innocent childhood. HAH! The "children" I was talking to were 15 years old and wanted to be bitten and sexually assaulted by vampires. Um, is this a friendly innocent childhood that kids are being raised in? Where did it go wrong? When did innocence leave children at such an early age? What is going on?

I could blame Twilight, I could blame Vampire Diaries, in fact, I could blame all of the authors who have created such tripe to feck-up the minds of senseless idiotic girls who cannot understand the basic fundamentals of what is real or make-believe. But the majority rules. Morals of good triumphing over evil has blended into evil sucking the life from good people, so what's the next step? Where's the next trend going to take us?

One day I hope that the innocence in children will be brought back and they will be raised in Enid Blyton and the Far Away Tree...yet that is a hope that may never come to pass.

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