Sunday, 28 July 2013

Free Wattpad Promotion! KURO!

Hello everyone! Once again I'm back, ending the week with a fantastic story from Wattpad! Not only that, you can purchase this brilliant and unique story!

The link to Michael's Wattpad account is here

                                     To be directed to his story, please go here

And to go and have a look at his website, please go here

So, what is KURO all about?

In a land covered in eternal night, a young girl is all that stands between Mankind and the Forces of Darkness.
What would a world without the Sun be like?
When the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu-ōmikami, vanished under mysterious circumstances a thousand years ago, she left the land of Kuro blanketed in eternal night. Over time, the people of Kuro have learned to harness what remains of Amaterasu’s power: the precious and finite resource known as the Goddess Essence. Kurokyuu Orbs, miracles of modern technology, harvest the Goddess Essence and provide light and power to all. But there is a problem: the Goddess Essence is running out. And it couldn't have come at a worse time.
Whispers abound of a growing evil in the North; stories of shadows that can only be harmed by the light of the sun. From out of the darkness rises Taiyou-Shi, City of the Sun. Light Spires shine through all twenty-four of Taiyou-Shi's hours, providing artificial sunlight for all. Everyone that is, but the residents of the Utter Darkness.
In this forsaken place, Mina, a young orphan, is forced to beg and steal on the streets to sustain herself in the hardscrabble way of life.
In the darkest corners, Marauders lurk, hunting little girls, searching for the one known only as “The Maiden”.
When Mina falls captive to a roving band of Marauders, she is faced with a life-altering decision: reveal the secret she has been hiding her entire life or stay silent and risk losing her already meager existence?
When people die as a result of her inaction, Mina realizes her secret is no longer hers to keep. A secret that lies in a most unusual ability: The power to manifest sunlight...

Brilliant stuff! 

I asked Michael a few questions about himself. Let's see what he had to say!

Name/Wattpad username/Pen name: MichaelLimjoco (incidentally, also my real name).

Country of Origin: United States

Place(s) of inspiration: Countries of Asia (Japan, China, The Philippines, and Korea).

Current finished work(s): Kuro is my first novel

Genre and why you like writing in this genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy. It's a bit of a release writing in this genre for me. Also, I feel I have far more freedom because I'm not bound by any laws (physics, world, etc). I enjoy building worlds.

Published works of inspiration: Game of Thrones, Dune, Lord of the Rings, early Anne Rice novels (her florid writing style was a big inspiration), Weiss and Hickman's Dragonlance Chronicles.

Editing process: Professionally edited by Dr. Debra Doyle (published author). Professionally illustrated by Nuriko-kun.

Reaction of friends and family who have read your works: To be honest, only my brother has read my work! He loves it, but is totally biased! My wife hasn't even gotten past chapter 2. But Kuro has been read on WP and Critique Boards (for the last year or so), and has received some good response. Anything planned for the future with your writing: Kuro is a planned trilogy, so I am working on Book 2 at the moment.

Well there you have it folks! Thanks to Michael for his time answering my questions and I wish him all the best for the future!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Free Wattpad Promotion!

Hey Guys! This week I have been promoting Storyaddict from Wattpad!

Go here for their Wattpad user page!

And to see their story, go here!

Name/Wattpad username/Pen name: Storyaddict

Country of Origin: Philippines

Genre and why you like writing in this genre: Teen Fiction, because we mostly can see readers from the age of being a teenager so teen fiction stories bring out  our emotions.. we 
can probably learn something out of it

Reaction of friends and family who have read your works: well, they said it was good but some has errors on it :)

Anything planned for the future with your writing: I really wanted to make a story that has me, potentially writing... I plan to be an author someday but I think I'll start off with writing stories from then and now.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Wattpad FREE Promotion! The City is Silent

Hey guys! This week I have have the pleasure of promoting Midnightaria and her book The City Is Silent

To view her profile, click here or to go straight to her completed story, click here

Here is the summary:
After a car-accident leaves her mother paralysed from the waist-down, Grace isn’t sure if she can ever experience happiness again.
Change is the reason her mother is a different person; the reason her pianist father plays only bitter melodies and why her outgoing-self diminished to an introvert who cannot express herself verbally, but with artistic creations.
The times she spends scrawling in a sketchbook are moments she cherishes most. For that tiny amount of time, her broken life is forgotten -and, as impulsive as any other career decision, Grace knows she wishes to make it her future.
In order to embrace the competitive world of art, however, artists need to repeatedly alter their techniques and skills to match their opponents.
But how can somebody, so afraid of letting go, chase her unstable dreams?

And what about MidnightAria? Let's have a sneak peek at how and why she writes!

Name/Wattpad username/Pen name: Ramisa R or MidnightAria. You are welcome to call me Remy.

Country of Origin: Bangladesh, although I currently reside in the warm glory of Australia (so much sun!)

Place of inspiration: Anywhere, really. I can honestly write whenever or wherever I want, as I believe writing is more subjected to discipline rather than inspiration. However, if we're talking in terms of inspiration, I love reblogging things on tumblr ( of things that inspire me. Sometimes, when I click on my website, I find inspiration. :)

Current finished work(s): Currently, I have completed The City Is Silent and have uploaded it on Wattpad. I plan on completing Violet Ink before the end of this year.

Genre and why you like writing in this genre: The City Is Silent is literary fiction/coming of age fiction. Coming of age will forevermore be my favourite genre. Watching a character differentiate from the beginning of a book to the end (not always in a good way) is beautiful beyond words.

Published works of inspiration: Like the novels I write, I am also extremely fond of the coming-of-age genre. I simply love watching the main character change, in any situation, from the beginning to the end of a book. My favourite authors do just that: Siobhan Dowd, Maureen McCarthy and Kate McCaffrey. My favourite book of all-time is a non-fiction book written in the prose of a narrative (Joan of Arc, Lili Wilkison) which revolve around the actual adventures of Joan of Arc but told in a rich, engaging way.

Editing process: I actually tend not to edit until I've got my first draft, as editing gives me the "writer's doubt" and will result in an uncompleted manuscript.

Reaction of friends and family who have read your works: My family and friends don't read my works. My parents are too busy, and my friends in reality have a life (!). However, my internet friends are wonderful, beautiful supporters --they are my family and friends.

Anything planned for the future with your writing: I plan on writing many novels once my OP (senior years) are over. I am thinking of a main character with a mental illness, a science fiction story questioning humanity and a lighthearted comedy about the life of comedians (while also exploring the darkness in their lives).

Thank you for this opportunity to interview you and for wanting to promote! if anyone hasn't had the chance to check out Wattpad, do so now at :)

Have a great day! :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

IndianWriter Free Wattpad Promotion!

For week 2 I am promoting IndianWriter from Wattpad!

Indianwriter is my next client for Free Promotion from Wattpad!

Wattpad is a great place to read and write any kind of books in any genre! It boasts over 10 million users from around the world where a few have landed multi-book contracts with one of the top ten publishers in the world AND one writer has even had their book rights bought by the film industry! Anything can happen! So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up free today and see where your imagination takes you!

Indianwriter has been on the site for a year and has written a variety of stories as well as poetry!

Click here for their profile page

Click here for their story that I'm promoting, Endless Love

So, what is the book about?

Shira has expressed all her feelings and thoughts into those letters which are for Neman. Shira loved Neman a lot. Neman too loved her. They were best friends from an early age. But as they grew up they realized their love for each other. They planned their future, to get married and have a family. But the truth Shira has hidden will shatter their lives and all their hopes will be lost. How will Neman react to the secret? What will happen to their relationship?
This story will be in forms of letters and sometimes as in some characters point of view. Hope you all like it. :)

Let's sneak a peak about IndianWriter! :) 

Name/Wattpad username/Pen name: IndianWriter
Country of Origin: India
Place of inspiration: My family and friends
Current finished work(s): Endless love, The Tribute
Genre and why you like writing in this genre: Romance, Poetry and Non fiction. I like to write them because I can relate to the emotions very well and they are close to me. They create interests in me.
Reaction of friends and family who have read your works: My family and friends always encourage me. They are proud of me. My teachers also have appreciated me many times. Some teachers have also asked me to write for them.

Anything planned for the future with your writing: I have published some of my works in the school magazine, but I want to publish my books on an international level. I plan to write till my last breath.

And there you have it! A wonderful inspired writer all the way from India! 

Good luck with your future writing!

Next week I'll be promoting 
Midnightaria and until then, have a great inspiring week!