Friday, 18 November 2011

Oh the drama!

Right so the last time I blogged it was the end of September...
You may think I'm boring and have no life because I haven't blogged since then, well you'd be so very wrong.
Don't really want to talk about me so I shall hurry up in bullet points since the end of September:

-Finished National Trust Contract at end of October
-Didn't do Halloween but listened to awesome Halloween music
-Got accepted to Korea after having an interview they got back to be 4 hours later with a "Yes"
-Now working in Waterstones until Jan as I didn't get a permanent contract (see rant below). Surrounded by books is awesome, my friends will be getting books for Crimbo.
-Participating in NaNoWriMo
-Trying to finish 2 other books- Yikes!
-Bought two dresses from TU today, which make me look like a 1980's teacher!

See? Simples!

Anyway so let's have a rant about the economic crisis...and yes I know people think it's blah and well they can think that if they want. I heard a fully grown man, in his 60's at least, say that he never wanted to get into politics as he didn't see the point...I guess he votes for Labour then.

I'm not gonna b*tch about parties because there are several things I'd like to say about Cameron right now, but I won't bore, instead I'll just say that I AM ONE OF THE 99% and because my country has failed me, after hearing about over 1 million people in the UK is unemployed, I'm buggering off 5,000 miles for a job. Damn, I hate this stupid government.
Anyway I don't agree with the man that he never wanted to get into politics, because if you don't get at least the basic then you don't understand how to see the country is failing or improving and it's best to keep on top of this rubbish.

Greece, I am so sorry. You have had such a poor year and I meant that in the state your country is in, not in money, but how you have been poorly run.

Italy, I am so sorry for you are heading in the same way as Greece and Germany cannot afford to bail you out.

France, Ireland...good luck in the Euro and Germany, really Merkel? REALLY? Tut tut woman, for shame on you.

China, I totally agree with you, I wouldn't give the EURO money either.

America, finally you are beginning to realise that your country and indeed the rest of the "civilized" world (can we really call the UK civilized after the London riots- most Londoners are yobs anyway and can't speak properly- and they want to get rid of the Queen's English- it's the only accent that foreigners can understand for God's sake!)is run by a big computer on Wall Street. May you try and occupy your entire country but bare in mind the 1% which is part of Obama runs your country and you did vote for him- reap what you sow...the UK is paying for the price too, and so is Greece and Italy.

To the UK, we are going back into a double-dip of recession. If you have the chance, get the hell out of the country for a few years. Social unrest is all around- London sparked off what the UK will turn into if we don't claim back our country, our land, our history! And damn it, our Ancestors would weep in their graves if they saw what our country has turned into. Damn it, never had I thought that I was being forced out of my country; but there you have it folks.
I am 25 with a Masters and I'm unemployable- either too young or over qualified. The UK is sh*t, why people come here to live is beyond me- oh yes, to take our benefits, I forgot! Doy!

Anyway, so apart from that annoyance in the world currently, I wish that things pick up better soon; a great dark cloud looms over our heads in these times. Too many evil acts in one world, where's all the good gone? Well I try and do my best where I can, give to charities, help the old people and write for those who wish to be entertained. It's small but I try and do one ARK a day - (Act of Random Kindness) Try it, it makes you feel better by making others happy, even for a brief moment. :)

Live long and prosper! x

OOOO I forgot- Books I bought within the past two months:

Inheritance- C Paolini
The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest- S Larrson
The Girl who Played with Fire- S Larrson
Destined- PC Cast
The Power of Six- Pittacus Lore

Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm on a reading roll!

So, two months ago, actually it may have been longer than that, I was lent "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Now normally I don't read books like that, mystery is just not my genre and at the time, I wasn't reading anything else apart from Naomi Novik's historical/fantasy book Temeraire which is an odd book and I kept at it just because I hate not finishing a book. Anyway. So after the weird dragon book, I started with Stieg Larsson's book and it took me ages to get into it. I found Lisbeth to be a goth with a bad attitude, Blomkvisk was annoying because even though he was clever he kept missing things out and it took him ages to get the ball rolling...HOWEVER...after persevering, I finished it and I must say I now know why it became an international best seller.
With the book not being my genre, I really did like it and I give it a 4/5*.

So of course with me as soon as I finished the book I wanted to watch the film...didn't know that the Swedish had made an original! Shocked as I was unaware of this, I bought and downloaded it from iTunes and low and behold, I watched and enjoyed.
Now, praise for the film keeping to the book, sort of, a lot was missed out which was a shame, but they got Lisbeth Salander spot on in my opinion. And I saw the new trailer for the American version and the new Lisbeth, I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure...I'll have to wait and see but meh...

Anyway, so now I got "the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" over and done with, guess what I am reading now? It's a sequel, it's about aliens and the power of 6! That's right! Pittacus Lore's Power of 6 and OMG it's just awesome. I love, love, LOVE this book also. Nearly finished it and when I have done with that I am going to re-read all the Eragon books for the last and final instalment, Inheritance.
Aren't we all just gagging to read Inheritance though? Come on! I've been waiting for what...4 years, maybe heading 5 years for that book to come out! The final one! EEEP! So many theories are flying all over the place and I do not doubt for a second and Wattpad will have a new fanfiction of the Eragon series...I'm just waiting for that to happen.

As I said that I wouldn't talk about me, I won't, but I will talk about a new series I am going to start writing soon. The first one will commence in November and I am using NaNoWriMo to finish the first book called "The Trial". The series is called "The Barcode Series" and its a sci-fi story with seven books in total. It is a BIG project I am taking on and I dare say it will take up most of my time.

Currently I am writing the last book of the Tattoo of the Black Angel Trilogy, which Scar of the Centaur should be finished by November (fingers crossed) and Journey In Time, which again I am heading for another 30 chapter book approximately 120/130 pages, should be finished also around November.

So many things to do and not enough hours in the day.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rainbow Themed Wedding and a Sunburning Dig!

Ok so weddings...When I think of them, I think a lovely little church, big white candles, tasteful flowers, THE white dress, the vows, the vicar who should be Rowan Attikson, the bridesmaid who should be dressed up as Dr Who like Alice Tinker did in Vicar of Dibley, the lovely music like Watermark by Enya.
All your friends are around you, you stand as the bride enters and everyone goes "aww" as the little flower girls walk down the aisle in lovely little dresses as they throw petals on the floor...
Ok I'm being too gushy here and too out dated. Man, I need to re-think these weddings, or at least be invited to a traditional one. Hint people, HINT!
So, the wedding was definitely 1980's born adults, aka my era. The awesome cheesy music was played, a fantastic Hog roast was cooked and I danced like a pillock for the better part of the wedding or well actually until the very end! Cupcakes were lovely, lollypop flowers were cute and tasty! And pictures of drunken friends were taken. It was a fantastic day! Not to mention I ended up getting lost and found myself in Kent...after taking 5 poor buggers with me, sorry guys but we had much mooching around a graveyard (we're all archaeologists) when we found out a castle was closed...sigh.

Ok so the following day after the wedding, we, myself and two partners in crime in my car, drove back to Bristol to park up and then head over the Sunny Wales! Met up with a mate in Cardiff and went to the Cardiff festival and listened to Attack Attack and Funeral for a Friend aka emo music. After little children picked on me as I sat down and stared off into space, my three tall handsome fellows came to my side and rescued me, sending off the 20 odd little gits who wanted to pick a fight with me. So when two friends left, there was one and he took me back to his caravan to begin a fun weekend excavating!

Friday night, when we arrived in Trellech, was entertained by the A level students who did nothing but demand for alcohol, poor little sods. Met two very rambunctious boys who were very funny. Friday we began to excavate, I got my archaeological hat on and was tested on the finds that came up in the past 5 years at the Medieval site. I didn't do too badly considering my period is Bronze Age and the area the Med, not Britain! So I felt somewhat cool and hip! Then off to cleaning up the tower, found pieces of pottery and slag then helped the boys with the top soil of the trench. It began to rain, so it was over and I found out, I was annoyingly sunburnt. Damn my pasty white sensitive skin! But we were all, getting lost *cough* I mean, going out for an adventure to the Forest of Dean, yes that's mentioned in Harry Potter, and having a stroll around the forest! But then by Sunday, I had to go back, but not after a mornings worth of excavating and telling a little toss-pot of a 17 year old that he needed to either dig or sod off and either do context sheets, drawing or pot washing. You can't just sit there and stare at people working! I don't agree with that!

So I was driven back to Bristol and ended up driving back home on the M5 through a fricking thunder storm with lightening! Called on a friend in Dawlish, had tea and fresh bread and jam (cheers my little Canadian) and went to parents house to see my dogs lol and give my mum her 60th b-day present and card THEN got home...

All in all a fantastic few days and I wouldn't have done it any other way...apart from wearing sunblock! haha I'm such a spanner!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I am Number Four! Ok I'm not really *shifty eyes*

Well after knowing about the film since December last year and going "Oh, I'd like to see that" and then finding out it was an actual book first well I forbade myself to watch the film until I read the book. Well, can you believe it, it took me 7 months to buy the book and after I finished reading it within 2 days I then went and bought the DVD, I loved it THAT much and I do not love often.

The book was just phenomenal. I have read sci-fi books before, but this was just excellent and mind blowing. Normally I tend to read fantasy books, like Harry Potter, for example and Andy McDermott with is action/adventure with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. But this wasn't cheese! It was cream! (and please don't be disgusting here people.)

After reading the book, I obviously did a bit of research and found out the next book isn't that far away, at the end of August! Already I have pre-ordered and bought Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, which I CANNOT WAIT to read, but I may also have to pre-order The Power of Six also. Exquisite in writing style has Pittacus Lore, just brilliant!

So, my reading is back on track and unfortunately my writing suffers for it. Haven't written a thing in 3 days and I feel awful, so this weekend I am going to write until my hands bleed as this following week I have a wedding to go to!
TKMaxx has once again provided for me and I bought a very lovely tight, body hugging dress to show off my slim figure and curves...well, so my parents say... =/ The dress is from Rachael and Chloe...I haven't heard of the name, though I am impressed with the style of the dress. I already have my shoes, I bought them from Next last year for about £40, I named them "I'm going to look sexy in Rome" shoes. They almost killed my feet, but after a year of breaking the little buggers in, I have won and my feet no hurty any more, but I am stupidly tall! Which is all good.

Right well I think I have waffled for a good while, so toodleloo and I shall be back with another thrilling adventure of Abi's What a Year!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2...I spill the tears...

Well guys and girls, I saw the film, I cried like a wimp, I got angered at some scenes, I was annoyed at the near end and I would see it over and over again.

Being a complete and utter Harry Potter nutter, I feel that I should warn those who haven't read the won't understand it. No, really, you won't.

It's not that I think you are incapable of understanding the complex storyline that Rowling has created, but from all of the books, the detail that the films have missed out, you could not possibly understand the true meaning behind the end film(s) if you have not read the books.

For those who have read the books, good luck if you haven't watched the film. The soundtrack to the film is just amazing and I cannot stop listening to it. Also, I have purchased Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows wii lol, so guess what I'm doing in my spare time when I'm not reading, writing or going to work? :)

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hmm, where to start...?

Hello to all who shall be reading this drivel! Not that I like talking about myself, I think I'd find it fundamentally boring if I continued talking about myself when really people full on see what the hell I've said in my facebook, and recently just...not nice. So! Here is where my mumblings and random imblings will begin.

First mumbling, the weather. Now I know, because I am English, we always talk about the weather and yes Ok, it's true we do, but do you know why? It's unpredictable! I kid you not, our MET office is crap! Up and down the country people get various weather happenings, boiling hot, snowy, freezing cold rain- though down here in Devon, we usually get nice weather and for the 3rd year in a row, we've had another crap summer. I think I can safely say that we had our summer in April and it lasted 2 weeks. Though I didn't see those two weeks as I was working, but I saw loads of burnt people- so it's a good assumption to say it was hot.

Second mumbling. I was told, just 3 days ago, that the playing field near where I live would be subjected to a music festival for 2 days. Today is the first day and currently they have erected a bouncy castle which is right in front of my window- making me and my pj's subject to ridicule from children and childish drunken adults, staring at me while I write... Not to mention, the music is just terrible...It's meant to last until midnight tonight...I'd have smothered myself by then.

Third mumbling. I came across something the other day that annoyed me so much, I ended up having a "shouting" match at this girl about how silly her notion was. Suffice to say I think she hates me, but I have been banging my head against a brick wall with people like her, so I shall shout this right now..


Seriously, are people really that stupid to think that they are real? When I was young I always knew the difference between what was real and what wasn't. I could clearly comprehend the fantasy side of life by the time I was ten when I found out that Father Christmas didn't exist. Yes it completely killed all belief in me, yet I still retained a happy medium that some beliefs are meant to be told, so that children could live a more friendly innocent childhood. HAH! The "children" I was talking to were 15 years old and wanted to be bitten and sexually assaulted by vampires. Um, is this a friendly innocent childhood that kids are being raised in? Where did it go wrong? When did innocence leave children at such an early age? What is going on?

I could blame Twilight, I could blame Vampire Diaries, in fact, I could blame all of the authors who have created such tripe to feck-up the minds of senseless idiotic girls who cannot understand the basic fundamentals of what is real or make-believe. But the majority rules. Morals of good triumphing over evil has blended into evil sucking the life from good people, so what's the next step? Where's the next trend going to take us?

One day I hope that the innocence in children will be brought back and they will be raised in Enid Blyton and the Far Away Tree...yet that is a hope that may never come to pass.