Friday, 18 November 2011

Oh the drama!

Right so the last time I blogged it was the end of September...
You may think I'm boring and have no life because I haven't blogged since then, well you'd be so very wrong.
Don't really want to talk about me so I shall hurry up in bullet points since the end of September:

-Finished National Trust Contract at end of October
-Didn't do Halloween but listened to awesome Halloween music
-Got accepted to Korea after having an interview they got back to be 4 hours later with a "Yes"
-Now working in Waterstones until Jan as I didn't get a permanent contract (see rant below). Surrounded by books is awesome, my friends will be getting books for Crimbo.
-Participating in NaNoWriMo
-Trying to finish 2 other books- Yikes!
-Bought two dresses from TU today, which make me look like a 1980's teacher!

See? Simples!

Anyway so let's have a rant about the economic crisis...and yes I know people think it's blah and well they can think that if they want. I heard a fully grown man, in his 60's at least, say that he never wanted to get into politics as he didn't see the point...I guess he votes for Labour then.

I'm not gonna b*tch about parties because there are several things I'd like to say about Cameron right now, but I won't bore, instead I'll just say that I AM ONE OF THE 99% and because my country has failed me, after hearing about over 1 million people in the UK is unemployed, I'm buggering off 5,000 miles for a job. Damn, I hate this stupid government.
Anyway I don't agree with the man that he never wanted to get into politics, because if you don't get at least the basic then you don't understand how to see the country is failing or improving and it's best to keep on top of this rubbish.

Greece, I am so sorry. You have had such a poor year and I meant that in the state your country is in, not in money, but how you have been poorly run.

Italy, I am so sorry for you are heading in the same way as Greece and Germany cannot afford to bail you out.

France, Ireland...good luck in the Euro and Germany, really Merkel? REALLY? Tut tut woman, for shame on you.

China, I totally agree with you, I wouldn't give the EURO money either.

America, finally you are beginning to realise that your country and indeed the rest of the "civilized" world (can we really call the UK civilized after the London riots- most Londoners are yobs anyway and can't speak properly- and they want to get rid of the Queen's English- it's the only accent that foreigners can understand for God's sake!)is run by a big computer on Wall Street. May you try and occupy your entire country but bare in mind the 1% which is part of Obama runs your country and you did vote for him- reap what you sow...the UK is paying for the price too, and so is Greece and Italy.

To the UK, we are going back into a double-dip of recession. If you have the chance, get the hell out of the country for a few years. Social unrest is all around- London sparked off what the UK will turn into if we don't claim back our country, our land, our history! And damn it, our Ancestors would weep in their graves if they saw what our country has turned into. Damn it, never had I thought that I was being forced out of my country; but there you have it folks.
I am 25 with a Masters and I'm unemployable- either too young or over qualified. The UK is sh*t, why people come here to live is beyond me- oh yes, to take our benefits, I forgot! Doy!

Anyway, so apart from that annoyance in the world currently, I wish that things pick up better soon; a great dark cloud looms over our heads in these times. Too many evil acts in one world, where's all the good gone? Well I try and do my best where I can, give to charities, help the old people and write for those who wish to be entertained. It's small but I try and do one ARK a day - (Act of Random Kindness) Try it, it makes you feel better by making others happy, even for a brief moment. :)

Live long and prosper! x

OOOO I forgot- Books I bought within the past two months:

Inheritance- C Paolini
The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest- S Larrson
The Girl who Played with Fire- S Larrson
Destined- PC Cast
The Power of Six- Pittacus Lore

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