Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm on a reading roll!

So, two months ago, actually it may have been longer than that, I was lent "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Now normally I don't read books like that, mystery is just not my genre and at the time, I wasn't reading anything else apart from Naomi Novik's historical/fantasy book Temeraire which is an odd book and I kept at it just because I hate not finishing a book. Anyway. So after the weird dragon book, I started with Stieg Larsson's book and it took me ages to get into it. I found Lisbeth to be a goth with a bad attitude, Blomkvisk was annoying because even though he was clever he kept missing things out and it took him ages to get the ball rolling...HOWEVER...after persevering, I finished it and I must say I now know why it became an international best seller.
With the book not being my genre, I really did like it and I give it a 4/5*.

So of course with me as soon as I finished the book I wanted to watch the film...didn't know that the Swedish had made an original! Shocked as I was unaware of this, I bought and downloaded it from iTunes and low and behold, I watched and enjoyed.
Now, praise for the film keeping to the book, sort of, a lot was missed out which was a shame, but they got Lisbeth Salander spot on in my opinion. And I saw the new trailer for the American version and the new Lisbeth, I'm sorry but I'm not quite sure...I'll have to wait and see but meh...

Anyway, so now I got "the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" over and done with, guess what I am reading now? It's a sequel, it's about aliens and the power of 6! That's right! Pittacus Lore's Power of 6 and OMG it's just awesome. I love, love, LOVE this book also. Nearly finished it and when I have done with that I am going to re-read all the Eragon books for the last and final instalment, Inheritance.
Aren't we all just gagging to read Inheritance though? Come on! I've been waiting for what...4 years, maybe heading 5 years for that book to come out! The final one! EEEP! So many theories are flying all over the place and I do not doubt for a second and Wattpad will have a new fanfiction of the Eragon series...I'm just waiting for that to happen.

As I said that I wouldn't talk about me, I won't, but I will talk about a new series I am going to start writing soon. The first one will commence in November and I am using NaNoWriMo to finish the first book called "The Trial". The series is called "The Barcode Series" and its a sci-fi story with seven books in total. It is a BIG project I am taking on and I dare say it will take up most of my time.

Currently I am writing the last book of the Tattoo of the Black Angel Trilogy, which Scar of the Centaur should be finished by November (fingers crossed) and Journey In Time, which again I am heading for another 30 chapter book approximately 120/130 pages, should be finished also around November.

So many things to do and not enough hours in the day.

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