Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rainbow Themed Wedding and a Sunburning Dig!

Ok so weddings...When I think of them, I think a lovely little church, big white candles, tasteful flowers, THE white dress, the vows, the vicar who should be Rowan Attikson, the bridesmaid who should be dressed up as Dr Who like Alice Tinker did in Vicar of Dibley, the lovely music like Watermark by Enya.
All your friends are around you, you stand as the bride enters and everyone goes "aww" as the little flower girls walk down the aisle in lovely little dresses as they throw petals on the floor...
Ok I'm being too gushy here and too out dated. Man, I need to re-think these weddings, or at least be invited to a traditional one. Hint people, HINT!
So, the wedding was definitely 1980's born adults, aka my era. The awesome cheesy music was played, a fantastic Hog roast was cooked and I danced like a pillock for the better part of the wedding or well actually until the very end! Cupcakes were lovely, lollypop flowers were cute and tasty! And pictures of drunken friends were taken. It was a fantastic day! Not to mention I ended up getting lost and found myself in Kent...after taking 5 poor buggers with me, sorry guys but we had much mooching around a graveyard (we're all archaeologists) when we found out a castle was closed...sigh.

Ok so the following day after the wedding, we, myself and two partners in crime in my car, drove back to Bristol to park up and then head over the Sunny Wales! Met up with a mate in Cardiff and went to the Cardiff festival and listened to Attack Attack and Funeral for a Friend aka emo music. After little children picked on me as I sat down and stared off into space, my three tall handsome fellows came to my side and rescued me, sending off the 20 odd little gits who wanted to pick a fight with me. So when two friends left, there was one and he took me back to his caravan to begin a fun weekend excavating!

Friday night, when we arrived in Trellech, was entertained by the A level students who did nothing but demand for alcohol, poor little sods. Met two very rambunctious boys who were very funny. Friday we began to excavate, I got my archaeological hat on and was tested on the finds that came up in the past 5 years at the Medieval site. I didn't do too badly considering my period is Bronze Age and the area the Med, not Britain! So I felt somewhat cool and hip! Then off to cleaning up the tower, found pieces of pottery and slag then helped the boys with the top soil of the trench. It began to rain, so it was over and I found out, I was annoyingly sunburnt. Damn my pasty white sensitive skin! But we were all, getting lost *cough* I mean, going out for an adventure to the Forest of Dean, yes that's mentioned in Harry Potter, and having a stroll around the forest! But then by Sunday, I had to go back, but not after a mornings worth of excavating and telling a little toss-pot of a 17 year old that he needed to either dig or sod off and either do context sheets, drawing or pot washing. You can't just sit there and stare at people working! I don't agree with that!

So I was driven back to Bristol and ended up driving back home on the M5 through a fricking thunder storm with lightening! Called on a friend in Dawlish, had tea and fresh bread and jam (cheers my little Canadian) and went to parents house to see my dogs lol and give my mum her 60th b-day present and card THEN got home...

All in all a fantastic few days and I wouldn't have done it any other way...apart from wearing sunblock! haha I'm such a spanner!

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