Saturday, 30 July 2011

I am Number Four! Ok I'm not really *shifty eyes*

Well after knowing about the film since December last year and going "Oh, I'd like to see that" and then finding out it was an actual book first well I forbade myself to watch the film until I read the book. Well, can you believe it, it took me 7 months to buy the book and after I finished reading it within 2 days I then went and bought the DVD, I loved it THAT much and I do not love often.

The book was just phenomenal. I have read sci-fi books before, but this was just excellent and mind blowing. Normally I tend to read fantasy books, like Harry Potter, for example and Andy McDermott with is action/adventure with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. But this wasn't cheese! It was cream! (and please don't be disgusting here people.)

After reading the book, I obviously did a bit of research and found out the next book isn't that far away, at the end of August! Already I have pre-ordered and bought Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, which I CANNOT WAIT to read, but I may also have to pre-order The Power of Six also. Exquisite in writing style has Pittacus Lore, just brilliant!

So, my reading is back on track and unfortunately my writing suffers for it. Haven't written a thing in 3 days and I feel awful, so this weekend I am going to write until my hands bleed as this following week I have a wedding to go to!
TKMaxx has once again provided for me and I bought a very lovely tight, body hugging dress to show off my slim figure and curves...well, so my parents say... =/ The dress is from Rachael and Chloe...I haven't heard of the name, though I am impressed with the style of the dress. I already have my shoes, I bought them from Next last year for about £40, I named them "I'm going to look sexy in Rome" shoes. They almost killed my feet, but after a year of breaking the little buggers in, I have won and my feet no hurty any more, but I am stupidly tall! Which is all good.

Right well I think I have waffled for a good while, so toodleloo and I shall be back with another thrilling adventure of Abi's What a Year!

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  1. I love 'I am number four'
    I wanted to read the book and i havent gotten around to it then one day my mum went to video easy and brang it home, I wanted to read the book first all well. My friend was over and she was like ooo we should watch this one first because it has a hot guy on the cover i just laughed at her, but yeah it was an awesome movie and i cant wait to read the books and the other movies