Sunday, 14 July 2013

Free Wattpad Promotion!

Hey Guys! This week I have been promoting Storyaddict from Wattpad!

Go here for their Wattpad user page!

And to see their story, go here!

Name/Wattpad username/Pen name: Storyaddict

Country of Origin: Philippines

Genre and why you like writing in this genre: Teen Fiction, because we mostly can see readers from the age of being a teenager so teen fiction stories bring out  our emotions.. we 
can probably learn something out of it

Reaction of friends and family who have read your works: well, they said it was good but some has errors on it :)

Anything planned for the future with your writing: I really wanted to make a story that has me, potentially writing... I plan to be an author someday but I think I'll start off with writing stories from then and now.

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