Monday, 9 January 2012

Clogs Are Turning!

Hello and welcome to another mindless brain numbing blog about random stuff.
Firstly, I hope everyone's New Year's were particularly memorable, especially to those who weren't drinking themselves into the hospital. Secondly, I hope that your New Years resolutions are still going strong.
Now, I don't smoke, or drink (maybe the occasional celebrational drink for my b-day/a friend's birthday or a wedding but they happen very rarely) and so, I wondered what could my New Years resolution be?

I got to thinking (it pained me to think so hard) but I came up with a very tricky resolution: To NOT listen to any K-Pop. Now being English you'd think it would be easy, but nope. I will be jetting away to South Korea in Feb and I refuse point blank not to listen to any weird K-Crap as I'm now dubbing it.

For those who listen to K-Crap, then well that's your own fault really, I have no patience for your mindless screaming, "I LOVE MBLAQ" or "I LOVE SHIN-ee" ;) I tolerate the screams of teenagers and their incessant yodelling of the members names on their fb page; to each their own.

And as because K-Pop, sorry K-Crap, is big in South Korea, it will be very hard to not listen to it. I have, therefore, devised a cunning plan (rubs hands like Bauldric), apart from bringing my iPod with me, THANK GOD!, I am going to be listening to K-Rock!

Now, I'm not quite sure that many people know this about me, so I'll say it loud and I'll say it proud. Many moons ago, I used to be a Goth. Black clothes, make-up, rocking out and shoved in a mosh pit to Korn, Nirvana and the like, and retaining that part of my very strange teenage life, I have decided that I like K-Rock. I heard a few songs from Youtube and I did like the music, the melody and the notion that they created their own music traditionally and organically. Yes and I know that sounds weird, but being a musician myself, I know how difficult it is to create and write a song and the repetition of learning it off by heart and the recording of it etc. That is a true artist, a person or band, who can play their own instruments, that's taken them years to practice> not someone who found out they look good, or are "Eye candy" as it's now called, think they can sing, get shoved in front of a microphone, can only shake their arse after told they'd get a load of dosh (money) if they open their mouths and pretend to sing while a computer makes their voice sound pitch perfect. That does NOT a musician or singer make.

I took singing lessons when I was younger and it was difficult, not because I was crap at singing thank you!, but because I had a certain range or pitch and my music teacher had to help train me to reach certain pitches, both low and high, in order to expand my singing range. I ended up being Soprano, when I used to be Alto. So I felt better in myself for reaching such high notes.
Anyway, after saying all this I hope I am trying to make a valid point in that pop is crap and fake, rock is hard work but authentic and rap is...don't even get me started on it.

So summarising, I'm not going to listen to K-pop at all for a whole entire year while living in Korea.

So as it goes with my writing. A'hem! Good! ^^ Yesterday I managed to remember something from over a year ago and I decided to write out the plot, go me, another fantasy story, only worth one big fat book over 200-300 A4 pages, but I've only written the plot and the prologue! I will still stop writing when I'm off to Korea. If I have ideas, then I'll write them down, but I can't miss anything while I'm there, it's a new country, a new experience and a new year that I don't want to miss.


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