Sunday, 23 September 2012

Where the heck have I been?

Where the heck have I been? South Korea!

Ooh dear, well so much for trying to keep this blog afloat. Well in all fairness I have been really busy- to the point where my mind has gone bonkers and I'm finding out way too many interesting things with my life, which doesn't normally happen. Gosh where to start it's been a while... First of all I am now in South Korea! Joy! Teaching 1st and 2nd years at two schools has been a fun and it's been an interesting 6 months and now I am winding down the last couple of months until I go back home. Here is a pic of my school!
Teaching has been interesting, never thought I could, but I guess even I can surprise myself. Here are my English Conversation class discussing the lesson.
I got through English Camp, which was 2 weeks of fun in English, learning songs, writing a musical, finding an English name. Had a lot of fun.
Then the boyfriend and I went to Hawaii, Oahu for a week! That was so much fun! Saw Jurassic Park scenery and LOST scenery! Made my day that did!
Also I saw some rare Green Sea Turtles! That was lovely!
And some brilliant sites on the island.

Now I have started back for 2nd semester and things are going a little bit better. Also during which I was picked up by Pegasus Publishers for my book, Loving In Time. So that will be out in PB in a few months time. My literary agent is back in business and is searching for a publisher for Tattoo of the Black Angel, and I've had a word or two with some excellent people so I have a surprise for Wattpad people in a few months time. But I can't say anything at the moment... Next week is the Korean holiday called Chuseok- where relations go to the eldest brother's house or the family house and pay respects. The Waygooks and myself are going to Busan/Pusan for the holiday, to chill out, eat good food and have a brilliant time before the end of the nice weather!!!!

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